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CalaTK is available as a Git repository. The repository can be browsed online with the CalaTK gitweb viewer.

Anonymous cloning

An anonymous clone can be created of the repository with

 git clone git://

Development setup

Once the Git repository has been cloned, run the script


Push to Gerrit for Review

Make sure to do your commits on a named branch, i.e.

 git checkout -b mytopicname
 <edit, edit>
 git add -- file.cxx
 git commit

Then, the commits can be pushed to Gerrit for review with

 git gerrit-push


  • Marc Niethammer
  • Matt McCormick

as reviewers in the Gerrit web interface (login required).

Direct merging

Direct merges require permission from Marc Niethammer. To push changes to the repository, submit your ssh public key to the Kitware Password form.

After setting up the local repository, push a change with

 git checkout master
 git pull origin master
 git merge mytopicbranch
 git push origin master